Girl Scouts can earn scholarships for college

Scholarships for Girl Scouts

 Does your organization offer a scholarship for Girl Scouts?  

Download and return the Scholarship Listing Request Form (PDF) to be added to our listings.

Additional Resources

We've compiled a list of universities/colleges, foundations, and Girl Scout councils that offer scholarships, awards, and grants for Girl Scouts.

Though the list is updated periodically, be sure to check with your local Girl Scout council for the most recent information for your area. Your council may also offer helpful workshops or other resources to prepare for college.

Remember, earning a Girl Scout Gold Award is an excellent way to give any college or scholarship application that “something extra” to help you stand out from the crowd.

For additional information on college scholarships, contact your high school guidance counselor, reach out to the financial aid office of the school(s) you wish to attend, and check out these websites: 

With some targeted research, you can uncover all sorts of helpful information to secure grants and scholarships. As with any online application, always be careful of the information you share.  


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