Tips for Troop Leaders

As a Girl Scout troop leader, you fill important roles in your girls' lives: fearless leader, empowering role model, and innovative event organizer, among others.

No one said this rewarding journey would be easy, but with Tips for Troop Leaders, you'll be ready to meet any challenge that comes your way. By providing accessible advice and inspiring ideas from our panel of Volunteer Experts, Tips for Troop Leaders supports both new and returning troop leaders as they encourage their girls to grow into the leaders they were born to be!

We get that no troop leader experience is exactly the same. That's why our Volunteer Experts come from urban, suburban, and rural areas. They're entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, and former members of the military. And they work with younger girls, older girls, differently abled girls, and girls across socioeconomic statuses. So when you want real-world advice from fellow troop leaders who've been there, here’s where to find it!

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