Girl Scout Daisy hugging her Mother

For Families


Girl Scouts at Home provides engaging, family friendly activities that girls can complete safely at home or outside while social distancing with either no supplies or simple items that you might already have around the house. 

There’s no need to have experience with the types of activities your girl chooses—at Girl Scouts, both girls and adult leaders learn by trying new things, discovering new skills and interests along the way. 

And remember while she may need your support or guidance, Girl Scouts is specifically designed to work best when your girl takes the lead. Those times when she’s “in charge” of a project or activity—with you there to help if needed—making her own choices and bravely testing new skills? Those are the moments that will give her the independence, resilience, and sense of self she’ll need later in life.  


For more on how you can make her experience the best it can be, download the Girl Scout Family Connection/La Conexión Familiar. (PDF)

Girl Scouts isn’t just here for your girl, we’re here to support you as a family.

Lots of things are hard these days, and families everywhere are feeling the stress. Beyond doing everything in your power to keep your loved ones healthy, there’s so much day-to-day stuff that can go sideways in a moment’s notice. Through Raising Awesome Girls, we’re helping parents and caregivers like you navigate today’s unique challenges and find family friendly solutions to problems we’ve never seen before. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to teach your girl about protecting herself online as she spends more time in the virtual world or are concerned about her general emotional wellness and resiliency, we’ve got you. 

  • Girl Scout Daisies - Grades K-1
  • Girl Scout Brownies - Grades 2-3
  • Girl Scout Juniors - Grades 4-5
  • Girl Scout Cadettes - Grades 6-8
  • Girl Scout Seniors - Grades 9-10
  • Girl Scout Ambassadors - Grades 11-12

Looking to unplug? Download our new booklet packed with fun, offline activities for your girl! 

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