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The Girl Scouts of the USA national headquarters is located in New York City. If you have  general questions, you can Contact Us or you can reach us on Facebook.  

Or you can find the local Girl Scout council nearest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Girl Scout Cookies
  • How can I get help with using the Digital Cookie® platform?
    If you’re looking for technical support for your girl’s Digital Cookie page, visit the Parent Portal.

    If you need help with your Digital Cookie order, feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.
  • Where can I find information about the ingredients in Girl Scout Cookies?
    For a list of currently available Girl Scout Cookies and their ingredients, visit our Meet the Cookies page.
  • Where can I send feedback or questions about cookies I’ve received?
    Check the side panel on your cookie packaging for baker information, and contact ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers directly.
  • Where can I buy Girl Scout Cookies?
    Visit, and enter your zip code to connect with a cookie seller near you. 

    You can also download the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to find cookie booths near you (available for both iOS and Android devices).
  • How can I enroll my girl in Girl Scouts, become a volunteer, or otherwise get involved?
    Thanks for your interest in Girl Scouts! Please visit the Council Finder and enter your zip code to connect with your local Girl Scout council.
  • Where are the appropriate places to put badges and awards on Girl Scout uniforms?
    Check out the Insignia Finder for details on official badge placement.
Girl Scout On-Line Shop
  • How can I get help with my recent online purchase from the Girl Scout Shop or learn more about available products?
    For questions about your order placed on or product availability, please contact the Girl Scout Merchandise Customer Service Team via email.
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 Visiting New York City?

Check out our brand new Girl Scout Central store located at 420 Fifth Avenue at 37th Street – Ground Floor. 


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