Girl Scout Cadette discussing the definition of gender parity with an adult.

Girl Scouts’ Gender Parity Initiative: 

Fair Play, Equal Pay®

Join us in driving gender equity in the workplace!


We are inviting companies interested in ensuring gender parity to join the Fair Play, Equal Pay® Initiative.

Girl Scouts launched the Fair Play, Equal Pay® Gender Parity Initiative to engage businesses to take action now to help build a more equitable future for girls. We believe gender should not be a barrier to equal opportunities for leadership and success.


The fact is, we are in the midst of a crisis. Women remained signi-ficantly outnumbered in entry-level management at the beginning of 2020—they held just 38 percent of manager-level positions, while men held 62 percent.1 For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 82 cents.2

The Gender Parity Initiative is intended to be a powerful catalyst towards parity in the workplace. Girl Scouts has set a bold goal for organizations to ensure diverse women hold 30% of leadership roles and earn equal pay for equal work by 2030.

Girl Scouts’ Gender Parity Initiaive

Girl Scouts of the USA is asking companies to reinforce their commitment to parity and complete an assessment of their gender parity status and earn the Girl Scouts' Gender Parity Certification. 


Step 1: Pledge to increase gender parity within your company by ensuring 30% of leadership positions are held by diverse female talent by the year 2030.

Step 2: Complete an assessment of your company’s gender parity status.

Step 3: Advance your company’s gender parity status using expert-informed resources available through the initiative.

Step 4: Achieve Girl Scouts’ gender parity certification and proudly promote your organization’s success prominently displaying your certification seal.

Girl Scouts’ Gender Parity Pledge

“We pledge to advance gender parity in our company’s decision- making leadership roles by executing a quantifiable, results-oriented talent plan that drives industry-leading female representation and equal pay for equal work. We commit to fostering a workplace characterized by diverse talent that, by the year 2030, includes women in at least 30% of our corporate leadership roles.”



Download and complete the Statement of Support (PDF).
Return the signed form to us via email

Girl Scouts' Gender Parity Certification

Girl Scouts is working with Women in Governance (WiG), an expert in gender parity to evaluate and support organizations as they make meaningful progress towards parity. For a nominal fee, WiG will assess and certify organizations based on a scaled 4-star system at each level of certification. As each level is achieved, organizations will receive a Girl Scouts’ Gender Parity Certification Seal.

Fair Play, Equal Pay - Certification Seal

This innovative certification evaluates the commitment of an organization’s leadership to parity. It assesses the commitment to enabling women at all levels of their company to achieving career advancement, creating a pipeline of female talent.


Interested in your organization becoming certified? Contact us via email.


  • Retain top female talent by ensuring your company supports an inclusive work environment where female talent can thrive.

  • Gain visibility as a company that’s aligned with Girl Scouts — a “top-ten brand” with a network of 50 million alums.

  • Attract talent by promoting your commitment to gender parity.

  • Identify and correct organizational gaps which inhibit a diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce.

Thank you to our Fair Play, Equal Pay® participating organizations:
Certification Partners
ZOOM logo

Zoom Video Communications is the first US company to participate in the Girl Scouts’ Fair Play Equal Pay® gender parity initiative. As a pioneering participant, Zoom has bolstered their commitment to gender parity as a part of their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy, pledging to increase female leadership, champion fair pay and creating a fairer and more equitable workplace for all women.

Launch Partners
Accenture logo
EY logo
SAP logo
Pledge Signers
  • A-B Emblem
  • Accenture
  • Baker Tilly US, LLP
  • Benhar Office Interiors
  • Capgemini
  • Ceros
  • Clean Air Quality Service, Inc.
  • Engine Group US
  • EY
  • FSS Staffing, LLC
  • Grant Thornton LLP
  • Greenline Architecture, Inc.
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Invisible Man
  • IST Management Services, Inc.
  • Jackie Evans
  • Keaton Consulting
  • Kinecta Finance
  • Palmer & Cay, LLC
  • Randstad USA
  • Resource Global Professionals (RGP)
  • SAP
  • Shepard Exposition Services
  • Silver Tree Consulting & Services
  • Skyline Credit Ride, Inc.
  • Socialfly
  • Social Capital Partnerships
  • Softtek
  • The Gellar Law Group
  • The Goodkind Group
  • The Invisible Man
  • Topsville, Inc.
  • VisionIT
  • Washington Speakers Bureau
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • Women in Business
  • Zoom

Want to learn more? Read the FAQs or contact us via email. The Gender Parity Assessment’s Participation Agreement can be found here (PDF).

The Fair Play, Equal Pay® initiative is supported by the following partners:


Girl Scouts is working with Women in Governance (WiG), a recognized leader in the gender parity space whose assessment and analytical tools will be instrumental in informing GSUSA’s decision to certify a current and potential Girl Scout vendor.


The initiative is sponsored thanks in large part to a generous grant from The David and Lura Lovell Foundation, a national foundation which supports initiatives in four main areas, by invitation only, including Gender Parity.

1, 3. Women in the Workplace (McKinsey 2020)
2. Sonam Sheth et al., These 8 charts show the glaring gap between men’s and
women’s salaries in the US (Business Insider 2021)