Stocks and Securities

Gifts of securities afford donors an attractive means of giving to Girl Scouts of the USA. Donors receive a tax deduction for the market value of the securities, computed on the day of their transfer, while avoiding payment of capital gains on the stock's appreciated value. Donors of stock are encouraged to consult their brokers or advisors. Donors may also designate a stock gift in their will or estate plan. Following are the ways that stock gifts can be made:

1. Contact Annual Giving via email or call (212) 852-6572 and provide the following information:

Electronic Delivery

If the securities are held by your bank or broker, it is usually best to transfer them electronically via the Depository Trust Co. (DTC) system:

  • Your name and address
  • The name and ticker symbol of the security
  • The number of shares
  • The purpose of your gift

2. Contact your broker and instruct them to transfer your gift via DTC to our account at Charles Schwab & Co. The details are:

Charles Schwab & Co.
DTC# 0164, Code 40
Account Name: Girl Scouts of the USA
Account Number: 3690-0869

Mail Delivery

If you hold the securities in certificate form, send by Registered Mail or hand deliver unendorsed certificates with a letter of transmittal describing the purpose(s) of your gift to:

Charles Schwab
60 East 42nd St.
New York, NY 10017
Attn: Ed McDonald

Phone: (212) 450-1802


Interested in making a planned gift to your council or GSUSA?