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Instagram and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) have partnered to develop Digital Leadership badges for girls in grades K–12 to help them navigate an increasingly digital world. Instagram’s support of the Digital Leadership badge for girls in grades K-12 enables Girl Scouts to explore what a digital leader is and how to become one, while addressing some of parents’ top concerns as it relates to children’s time online. Girls learn how to be online in a responsible, safe, and positive way, how to manage well-being and time online, and how to spot misinformation, clickbait, and biases in advertising. Girl Scouts will also discover how they can use technology to connect, build community, and lead – and ultimately use those skills to make a positive impact in the world.

Although internet safety and well-being have become one of parents’ top concerns since the COVID-19 pandemic, many girls are already savvy digital leaders who use technology to connect with others on social issues and causes they care about. That’s why direct input from girls informed the creation of these badges and the topics covered within them; the real-world activities will support and motivate them as they navigate the digital world.

In addition to collaborating on the badges’ development, Instagram is providing grants to select Girl Scout councils to help even more girls develop their digital leadership skills. Instagram’s support has also made possible a Digital Leadership patch, which will be available to all councils.