Girl Scouts learn to stand up for what they believe in, identify issues they care about, and take the lead like a G.I.R.L. to make the world a better place.

Civic Action for Girls

When you're a Girl Scout you do great things. You believe in taking action and in righting the wrongs you see. You believe we are more powerful together than we are apart.

And you make your voice heard—with bold moves like advocating for positive change in your community, standing up against everyday injustices, mobilizing others to donate or volunteer for causes, meeting with public officials and community leaders to educate them about important issues, and lots more. 

Every girl has a voice. Every girl’s voice is important.

Here’s how you can use your voice for good. 

Get inspired.

See how girls at every age can make a difference. What will you do?

Get prepared.

Get ready to take the lead like a Girl Scout! Read up on how to take civic action with these handy guides:

Get mobilized.

Unleash your inner leader to make the world a better place!

  • Grades K–5
    Think about your community, and then take a stand for something you care about.

  • Middle School
    Explore differences, form your own opinion, and raise your voice for something that’s important to you.

  • High School
    Take a stand, build your community, and make moves to create lasting change.