Since its founding in 1912, Girl Scouts has emphasized the importance of being civically engaged, by teaching and encouraging girls to create positive change in their communities through advocacy and action.

Girl Scouts and Civic Engagement

"There is a huge need for leaders who will advocate for the voiceless and the disadvantaged. As young women in America, we have the ability and the responsibility to create the world we want our own daughters to grow up in."

—Gold Award Girl Scout Julia

Girl Scouts use their determination to lead every day in the fight for a clean environment, racial and gender equality, safety issues, local concerns, and so much more.

New Civics badges

Girl Scouts will be prepared to lead the change in their town, state, and country! Starting with the Civics badges and gaining an in-depth understanding of how local, state, and federal government works. Getting ready to be a voter, an activist, or a political leader. Researching laws and understand how they’re created. Exploring how the electoral college works. Learning about the representation of women in government, and so much more. And to top it all off: researching government officials and making plans to meet them. 


  • Democracy for Daisies
  • Democracy for Brownies
  • Democracy for Juniors
  • Democracy for Cadettes
  • Democracy for Seniors
  • Democracy for Ambassadors


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