Policy Agenda

Each year, we develop a federal policy agenda to advance key issues and promote leadership opportunities for girls. The agenda is informed by our extensive research and program experience in working with girls for over 100 years.

The Girl Scout 2021 Policy Agenda (PDF) supports polices that foster leadership and educational opportunities for girls and nonprofit organizations serving youth. Specifically, Girl Scouts' public policy priorities are:


Inspiring Greater Civic Engagement and Civic Education
We believe out-of-school civics programs are a critical component of education. We support policy efforts to expand girls’ access to civic education, including service-learning projects and informal educational programs that take place out of school;  Improve girls’ practical understanding of the systems, laws, and processes that govern society at the local, state, and federal levels; and encourage a sense of personal and community responsibility to engage in civic processes such as voting.



Fueling Girls’ Passion in STEM 
We want every girl to have opportunities to explore and build an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. We support policy efforts to Invest in STEM programs through federal partnerships with community organizations and schools; promote proven techniques for engaging girls in STEM, including single-gender learning environments and hands-on, inquiry-based learning; introduce girls to diverse role models and mentors in STEM; expand out-of-school STEM programming to girls and traditionally underrepresented groups, including English-language learners, racial minorities, and other students served by Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act; and encourage federal agencies to invest in developing STEM career paths for girls and other traditionally underrepresented groups.


Financial Literacy

Strengthening Girls’ Financial Literacy and Business Skills
Research shows that girls are actively interested in becoming entrepreneurs, developing financially stable futures, and using their skills to make a big impact on the world. We support policy efforts that ensure all girls gain financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills; expand federal initiatives that support financial literacy and entrepreneurial programs through partnerships with community organizations and schools; and leverage educational technology to strengthen youth’s financial literacy capabilities. 


Outdoor Activities

Expanding Girls’ Access to Outdoor Exploration
For over a century, outdoor activities have been a cornerstone of the Girl Scout experience, and we remain committed to ensuring that girls have the opportunity to take part in everything our camps and our nation’s natural resources have to offer. We support policy efforts to ensure all girls can participate in transformative outdoor experiences regularly and in varied ways; engage girls from underserved and marginalized communities in outdoor experiences by identifying barriers to access and inclusion; provide girls with opportunities to explore solutions to conservation-related issues, thereby advancing their understanding of the natural sciences, natural resource management, and related STEM careers; and engage girls in environmental stewardship and advocacy so they learn the value of protecting our would and, in the process, learn to advocate for themselves.


Nonprofit Community

Upholding a Strong Nonprofit Community
We support policies and activities that help us achieve our mission—and that help nonprofits incentivize charitable giving, as well as recruit and retain staff and volunteers.


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